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Lash Services

Classic Lashes

Each single classic extension is adhered to a single natural lash. With a 1:1 ratio, this style is perfect for someone who wants a subtle enhancement, adding mostly length and only slight fullness.

Full set time: 1.5 hours

Volume Lashes

Volume extensions are thinner and lighter weight than Classic extensions and are applied in fans of 3 or more to a single natural lash. This style will make your lashes full and fluffy, mimicking the appearance of strip lashes.

Full Set Time: 2 hours

Hybrid Lashes

A Hybrid lash set, is exactly that, a hybrid of both Classic and Volume extensions. (The Goldilocks set) .

This set allows the most customization. Great for clients who are looking for something a bit more glam than Classics but don't create as much drama as Volumes.

Full Set Time: 1.5 hours

*These descriptions are generalized and are only to give you an idea of what each set entails. Each clients results will vary and create a different look depending on the length, strength and fullness of their own natural lashes.*


About Me

With an ever-growing passion for health & beauty, I've navigated my way through many areas of the industry acquiring knowledge and technical skill. After 9 years of make-up artistry, esthetics and management, I decided to make the leap into entrepreneurship. Developing my own business has allowed me to create the best possible customer experience while allowing my creativity to flourish.




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Booking Policy

A deposit of $50 is required when booking a new full set appointment. All other fill appointments require a deposit of $20 per service booked. Your deposit will go towards the total cost of services. If you cancel within 24 hours or no show, your deposit becomes nonrefundable.
Bookings cannot be confirmed until the deposit is received.